Important Information About Shipping by Sea to Ecuador and Cargo Shipping to and From South America

Thailand, formerly called Siam, is situated in Southeast Asia and spans around 198 square miles. The country has diverse terrain that includes coastal regions and mountainous areas. The country is recognized as one of the world’s biggest exporters of rice.

Bordered by Burma, Laos, Cambodia 중국배대지 and Malaysia, Thailand is home to a number of shipping ports including the Port of Laem Chabang, Port of Bangkok, Port of Chieng Saen, Port of Chiang Kong and Port of Ranong.

If you are shipping cargo to Thailand, there is some required documentation for international cargo shipping to Thailand you should have in order. This includes the following:

Passport (original)

Non-immigrant Visa or Resident Visa valid for at least one year

Work Permit (original) or copy of Board of Investment (B.O.I.) Letter (to Customs) valid for one year

It is helpful if you are able to coordinate the arrival of your cargo shipment to Thailand with the issuing of your Work Permit in order to facilitate duty-free entry.

When you are shipping cargo to Thailand, you also need to provide a detailed inventory of the items that you are shipping. You’ll want to include at least two copies of your inventory, easily readable and written in English. The information that you should plan to have on your shipping inventory to Thailand includes the following:

Manner of packing (carton, wrapped, crated, etc.)

For all electrical appliances, the brand name, model and serial number

For televisions, the diameter of the picture tube and whether color or black and white

Copy of insurance policy (if applicable)

Shipper’s contact address and phone number

If you are shipping cargo to Thailand it is advisable that you plan to be in Thailand for the customs clearance of your goods. It is advisable that you arrive in Thailand before your shipment. All cargo shipments to Thailand are subject to inspection. In addition, you should originate from the same country as your cargo shipment.

You can qualify for duty free shipping if you have a full year work permit or a one year Visa to work in Thailand. If you are seeking duty free shipping to Thailand with a work permit, your cargo shipment should not arrive later than six months after the date of your work permit in Thailand.

You may also qualify for duty free shipping if you are a Thai resident returning to Thailand after having lived outside of the country for at least one year or more. If you qualify for duty free shippin