Factors Influencing Muslim Apparel HAJJ PLUS

After the September 11 event,Guest Posting all Muslims are questioning that”What is the future of Islam? ”, mainly in America, as we are seeing in Iraq, Afghanistan what’s America is doing within the call of terrisiom. While seeing within the gift, we do not see the future, however we are involved about the destiny as anything we do now will affect our destiny.
In America we’re really no longer the first wave of Muslims who came to this us of a. There have been at the least 3 waves of Muslims who came before us, but they were now not capable of installed Islam for what ever motives. What are they, at this time move in the direction of and over look on them?
The first wave of Muslims got here or were added in as slaves from the Africa approximately hundred years ago. Muslims could not set up themselves as Muslims as they were oppressed. They are chained and left on plantation in general slavery, their faith, names were modified and there social shape was broken. They had been not allowed to exercise their faith. So we can not blameworthiness them for not being able to standard Islam.
Now second waves came after WW1 from Balkan state, Lebanon e.T.C. These Muslims were settled in the Midwest and north east, including areas like Dearborn, Toledo, Chicago and Detroit. On that point they squander their time and life to organising themselves as cost-effectively and socially. Religion was not on their minds at that point. They just pay no heed to it in any respect.
It is heartening to observe that most of the descendants haji plus of the primary two waves are now coming back to the fold over of Islam and helping set up Islam in collaboration with the third waves, which includes the immigrant Muslims coming to this u . S . Because the 1950’s and constitution (60%) of six the six million, gift-day American Muslims. Many of the Afro-Americans are actually finding their roots in Islam, reverting to Islam, and putting forward themselves as Muslims.
But this is not sufficient we have to think and envisage our mistakes and try and over come on it to set up ourselves as a extremely good Muslims. The nice issue is analyze some lesson from our past.
A glorious Muslim empire in Andalusia (Spain), approximately seven hundred years, Muslims ruled that u . S ., but we were wiped out after the inquisition. If we analyze that point so we will see several motives for them no longer to set up Islam in the land all the time.
The First motive turned into the shortage of solidarity a few of the Muslims.
In Spain they created the elegance structure of Muslims, and theses classes did now not stay on equal basis. This became in opposition to Islam. Second, they have been now not capable of practice Islam together, but extra for my part. Islam is the faith that has to be practiced together. Third Islamic training on an man or woman degree was now not there, but there was greater emphasis became given to the secular and technical training. Fourth, too much emphasis at the way of life in the shape of artwork, music, meals or get dressed but not sufficient on defense.
“Culture is vital for the survival of the soul, protection is vital for of the soul, defense is essential for the survival of the frame.”
Finally, the maximum vital purpose that those civilizations have been destroyed and had been fail it provoke different to Islam. Invitation to Islam isn’t always lavishness, however a prerequisite and a tool for staying power.
While discussing the destiny of Islam in America, we ought to study the parameters of a terrific future. If we decide the future through numbers, yes, it’s far true the numbers of Muslims are particularly increasing in this country. A area of century in the past there have been approximately hundred thousand Muslims, and now there are over six millions. If we have a look at the world map the quantity of Muslims is over one billion, but unfortunately they hardly have any energy in that quantity.
It the satisfactory of the Muslims this is vital, rather than the range itself. The best of Muslims who were inside the minority and out numbered inside the “Battle of Badr” through three to 1, however they have been able to be triumphant with the conviction “that they’re the high-quality country created for mankind”.
Although our range could be very much like the Jewish people in this country, we don’t have any evaluation in strength in terms of the economics, politics and educational electricity. We do no longer have any congressman or senators. We do not manage college forums or centers. We do now not have a unmarried manufacturing unit or economic institution that’s able to rent. Muslims in large numbers, therefore we