Banking on Sharia Principles – Islamic Banking and the Financial Industry

1. What is Islam?

* Islam is: Submit to God. ‘Islam’ manner put up to His will and guidance, as enunciated within the holy Quran. Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and Zoroastrians all are instructed in their religious scriptures to put up to the will of God. This is the coaching in Bible, Gita, and all different spiritual scriptures, as nicely. We should give up to the need of God. Thus in this perception, there is no distinction in all religions of the world – besides Buddhism, which does not trust in lifestyles of God.

*’Islam’ is a verb – to ‘put up’ to the desire of God; but greater HAMKA frequently than no longer, it’s far linked with militancy, albeit wrongly. The slight Muslims, who are in majority, have chosen not to condemn militants or their violence, out of worry or for whatever the cause.

2. Muslims consider in monotheism

* Muslims agree with in a single God. Christians, Sikhs too agree with in that. Hinduism believes in more than one Gods and a segment of Hindus believes in Idol worship. Islam is against idolatry however Quran does no longer ask its fans to apply violence towards Kafirs, as idol- worshippers are referred to as in Islam. Quran does now not ask its followers to take pleasure in violence in opposition to non-believers, as militants do.

* In Islam, polytheism, association of Allah with another god, or the denial of His absolute command of universe is sin and referred to as Shirk. Islam and Christianity differ on this regard. Christians associate Christ with God, as son of God and Muslims don’t concur.

*Surah 4:116, 121: ‘Surely Allah does not forgive that anyone should be related to Him on near same footing… And whosoever friends a associate with Allah, he indeed strays off into a ways blunders.These are they, whose domicile is hell, and that they shall not locate any refuge from it.’

3. Convey message of Quran, however do not pressure conversions

Excerpt from Quran:

*Surah 3:20: So in the event that they dispute with thee, say: I submit myself totally to Allah and so does he who follows me.” And say to the ones who have been given the Book and to those who are unlearned (people who don’t believe in Quran): “Do ye (also) post yourselves?” If they publish then they are in proper steering, however if they turn returned, thy responsibility is most effective to deliver the Message.

*Surah 2:256: Let there be no compulsion in faith

*Surah 109:6: To you be your religion, to me mine.

4. Thus it’s miles clean that Quran doesn’t ask its fans to convert non-Muslims to Islam against their will. History tells us otherwise. Why it’s so? It is a corporate choice, to decorate the sales series in mosques. Religious preachers aren’t lots troubled about qualitative improvement of followers, they’re inquisitive about numbers.

*A recent case in point is of a Shankracharya – a top Hindu religious parent – who has attempted to belittle, Sai Baba of Shirdi, a historical figure with big Hindu following. His temple is one of the richest temples in India. Shankracharya goals that idols of Shirdi Sai Baba must be removed from Hindu temples. May be Shankracharya is holding Shirdi Sai Baba, answerable for negative services or donations at different Hindu temples.

5. Does Quran justify violence?